2011 Vision of Peace: Place of Peace

2011 Vision of Peace: Place of Peace

  • $100.00

12" x 12" fine art print on wood panel, finished with a UV coating.  This image is by artist, Avesha Michael from the 2011 Peace Project exhibit.  Usage rights donated by artist so that ALL proceeds can be used to change lives through The Peace Project's initiatives.

Description from artist regarding their vision of Peace:  The ocean at magic hour is where I find my peace...the stillness, the oneness and the beauty eminates peace.  You FEEL peace from this image...many tell me it is like them meditating or better than 'Melatonin' -- that one made me laugh.

It all starts from within, the more we live, breath and FEEL peace inside ourselves, the more it radiates and emanates to others around us... so may this moment of peace connect with everyone that experiences it...peace IS...we just have to connect with it and live from a place of peace.

With love and gratitude for this special Place of Peace that gifts my mind, body and soul sweet moments of peace, that I may gift to others as well...

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