Sunday, June 9, 6 - 7:30pm, Sound Healing for Abundance

  • $25.00

Sound Healing for Abundance

Enjoy a relaxing group experience of Biofield Tuning & Reiki


Relax • Let Go • Receive

with Rachel Morihiro & Christine Dodd

Join Rachel Morihoro and Christine Dodd for an evening where you'll have the opportunity to relax, let go and receive a sound healing treatment that will help restore harmony and balance to your system. Rachel and Christine will guide the group through the evening using both Biofield Tuning and Reiki.
There will be an opportunity to gather in community for light refreshments after the event.
Please bring a yoga mat to rest on, and consider a blanket and pillow for your comfort. Please arrive with enough time to get comfortable prior to the 6:00pm start time.
About Biofield Tuning
Biofield Tuning is a simple sound balancing modality that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks to offer harmony and balance to your system. Biofield Tuning allows your body, through sound entrainment, to return to its natural alignment with the abundant universe. 

About Reiki
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is a non-physical healing modality made up of spiritually guided life force energy.

Sound Healing is limited to 15 people to ensure an intimate and meaningful experience for everyone.  Tickets purchased at the door will be $30.  Your name will be on list at door once you purchase ticket.

Parking is available on the street, as well as at the Trader Joe's lot at Venice & Culver and the lot at Cardiff & Culver where it's free for the first 45 minutes and $1 per 30 minutes thereafter.

All events at The Whole 9 Gallery are family friendly and help to fund the life-changing work of our non-profit, The Peace Project.

The Whole 9 Gallery
3830 Main Street
Culver City, CA  90232