Goddess Rising

  • $75.00

16" x 10" Signed and Printed on Fine Art Photo Rag with a 1" white border.

This painting depicts Pachamamma, the Earth Goddess, in her power, sensuality, and expression. Protective but not gaurded, open yet strong, she stands in position of honor, to be respected and revered, but not feared. In return she is an ever flowing source, and her life-giving sustenance flows freely from her heart...represented by the waterfall. She has a chrysalis at the center of her headdress, which represents the complete surrender that occurs before complete transformation. The Black Panther represents embracing the unknown. The Snakes symbolize death, rebirth and transmutation, denoting death of the old and a birth into untapped power, creativity, and wisdom.

This is just one of the many pieces of art from the Sacred Art collection by John Moseley on exhibit at our bricks and mortar gallery in downtown Culver City.

This piece is available in other sizes, please visit us on Main St. or call 310-836-4600 for questions and availability.

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