Edna Lewis

Edna Lewis

  • $295.00

Artist: Lysteria Wilcox

Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 14" x 18"

Edna Lewis was an African-American chef and author, most well known for her southern cuisine cookbooks, including The Edna Lewis Cookbook, The Taste of Country Cooking, and, The Gift of Southern Cooking, for which she earned many prestigious awards and honors including a “James Beard Living Legend Award” and later, was honored by the creation of a United States postal stamp with her image.

Edna’s grandfather, Chester Lewis, was one of the founders of the small farming settlement Freemont, Orange County, Virginia after his emancipation from slavery. Edna remembered food being at the center of the communities’ culture and work. Lewis went from cooking for family and friends in Freetown to being a revered chef and cookbook author, friend of literati and movie stars, and winner of numerous awards. Edna Lewis is an inspiration to women everywhere.

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