Submission Policy

One of The Whole 9 Gallery's primary missions is to support artists from community, therefore in order to be considered for a show, you must be a member of The Whole 9, with a completed profile that shows a minimum of ten pieces of work in a consistent style.  Visit and click JOIN NOW to create a profile at no cost.

Calls are announced for specific shows and it's best to submit your work at that time. In order to do so, please create an album within your profile with the title of the show and upload and caption all applicable pieces.  Please send a link to your profile on to  This is the ONLY way to submit yourself for a show.

You may also send a link to your profile on to at any time.  This should not be in lieu of submitting for a specific show.  Because we interact with hundreds of artists weekly, it is important to stay top-of-mind by also submitting yourself for any relevant shows.

We do not view any work unless it is on